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Bringing Innovative Entrepreneurs to Canada with Start-Up Visa (SUV)

Canada's Start-Up Visa Program is intended to attract foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish new, high-growth businesses in Canada that will support innovation and job creation.

Canada's SUV Changes the playing field for startups

Close relationship with Canadian Angel Investors and Business Incubators
With Create Toronto, Toronto emerges as a natural destination for entrepreneurs

Helping great entrepreneurs  build great companies in Canada


& Sharing Economy

Lending, Payments/Billing, Personal Finance, Asset Management, Money Transfer, Ride-sharing, Social lending
& Smart Cities

Smart cities, Self driving vehicles, Automotive, Drones, Aviation, (Aero) space vehicles, Space Smart logistics, Smart travel
& Energy

Energy storage, Alternative energy sources, Waste management, Microgrids, Water desalinization, Clean Air, Solar
Industrial Internet & New Technologies

Blockchain, Crypto, Robotics, 3D/4D printing, Augmented Reality, Nanowires, Composite materials, Ink, DNA synthesis, Carbon fibers

Start-Up Visa Success

Create Toronto is able to endorse international entrepreneurs for SUV consideration with its business incubators and angel investors partnerships with great success. Toronto ranked 10th among 85 cities examined by Nestpick for best quality of life for those in the startup industry. Toronto’s highest score was for its startup ecosystem. Toronto is a natural spot for technology and fintech companies to locate given the concentration of big banks and top corporations. This is a clear advantage over Silicon Valley.

Create Toronto Start-up Visa Requirements


English or French proficiency.

Innovative Idea

Innovative technology and start-up in any space.

Canada's Start-up Visa Program


Minimum of one year post-secondary education.

Access to Funds

CAD $58,000 for your SUV Program launch.

Four Easy Steps To Your SUV Success

The Start-Up Visa Program is intended to allow for the expedited migration of foreign owned businesses looking to operate in Canada by providing up to Five (5) founders or core team members with permanent residency in Canada.

Create Toronto has created a simple Four Step Process for easy and quick Canadian Start-Up Visa for entrepreneurs worldwide. Timing is the key to your success. You must take immediate action in the direction of your goals. Submit your SUV Expression of Interest by May 1, 2018 and be in Canada by Fall 2018

Step 1: Fully complete the Create Toronto Start-up Visa Expression of Interest Form and submit with CAD $19,330 payable to “Create Toronto” (this is the first installment of the total fee of CAD $58,000)

Step 2: Create Toronto will immediately process your EOI and will provide investment commitment of  $75,000 from Create Toronto Angel Network.

Step 3: Pay the second installment of CAD $19,330 to submit your SUV application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada along with Create Toronto Letter of Support and the Angel Network Investment Commitment for approval.

Step 4: Once your Start-up Visa is approved and you have arrived in Canada, pay your third installment of CAD $19,330. We will be happy to provide additional help and services for your smooth settlement in Toronto.

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